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The City of Gold for Business

The City of Gold for Business

A thousand and one reasons why businesses thrive Dubai

 Simply, Dubai is the queen city of the Middle East. Whereas instability may rock other big cities in the region, Dubai has been a safe harbor where business thrive and enjoy both regional and global reach.

Strategic Location. Any business with ambition can see in Dubai the prospect of accessing 2.2 billion consumers as the city sits in a perfect spot to straddle Europe, Africa, the Subcontinent, and Central Asia.

Diverse Economy. Dubai’s secret of success has been the strategic economic diversification that has given impetus to profound growth for different types of business.

Business-Friendly Policies. Governmental policies and regulations are formulated to encourage foreign investments. From zero taxation to easy repatriation of capital, Dubai makes everything easy for foreign businesses. In recent years, property market has been opened to foreign ownership further bolstering confidence and stability among investors.

Human Resources. Home to over 200 nationalities, Dubai hosts millions of expatriate workers from around the globe providing human resource pool for all types of business.

Infrastructure. No other country in the Middle East has the breadth of infrastructure Dubai offers. From the biggest port, the busiest carriers, ground connectivity, train system and and advanced telecommunications, Dubai has got what every business require for logistical ease and transshipment requirements.

Metropolitan Lifestyle. Dubai is one of the world’s top destinations because of its unparalleled offer of modern lifestyle and the enjoyment of some of the most distinctive leisure attractions. What’s most enthralling is the intercultural harmony between the 200 nationalities that call Dubai their home.

Company Formation in Dubai

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